• DapperBlaineLover

    Finn decided he was sick of the Army. His officer was a jerk to him, and the other guys made fun of him all the time. He had not made a single friend. Finally, he got fed up with it all and decided to take his gun and shoot his foot, so he would not be able to battle anymore. After he was discharged, he called up Blaine and asked him if he wanted to join him on a trip to New York to surprise Rachel and Kurt.

    [over the phone]


    -"Hey Blaine! It's Finn. How are you?"

    -"Oh hey! I'm great. Had a long day though. Mr. Schue has recruited the WMHS Orchestra to help us serenade people into joining Glee club, kind of like that Purple Piano Project thing you guys had last year."

    -"Cool. Has anyone joined?"

    -"Just 2 people. This girl named Marley, …

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